The Overcoat / 10

Genderless outerwear for the masses

The Overcoat has always been an essential during the colder seasons. The overcoat does not judge regardless of gender preferences or race. It only has job to do - make you feel warm and cozy yet stylish. The overcoat has been a key part of a gentleman’s wardrobe since it was invented in the late 18th century. They were often worn as formalwear to represent the wearer’s social status or as part of their uniform, both professional and military. As the popularity of the overcoat grew and it became available to working class men, the silhouette become looser to accommodate their lifestyles.

The Overcoat of today

We consider the overcoat a classic. Versatile and stylish, it has stood the test of time. It has been reinvented over the years, and have evolved into a genderless outerwear for the masses.

 Oftt often  berlin fashion sustainable organic menswear artist overcoat

Oftt often  berlin fashion sustainable organic menswear artist overcoat


For Oftt, sustainability has always been part of our core values. A favourite silhouette amongst fellow artists and cloth makers, our twill Overcoat is made from 100% organic cotton which is grown naturally with rainwater. It weighs 400 grams in finished weight and features button fastenings, patch pockets and open collar lapel. Long oversized artist fit.

More about Organic cotton

Organic cotton is 80% rain-fed, which reduces pressure on local water sources. Supporting the need and growth of organic cotton keeps farmers and their families safe. They are not exposed to toxic chemicals in the field or through their food and water supply. When you buy organic cotton, you are investing in water conservation, cleaner air, better soil and farmer livelihoods.

 Our SS20 Overcoat is available for purchase now.